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26m2 of comfort is what you will call your overnight stay “home”. Your own Black Label Hotel room has got everything you need. A raw look and warm atmosphere together with luxurious amenities.


Live Slow Ride Fast

Their motto: full focus on the road and less stress. Our motto: provide guests with luxurious comfort to unwind. If you ask us, this is a ‘match made in heaven’

Eat & drink

Restaurant RUW

May we introduce ourselves? Rough, tough and sexy, RUW. has it all. A menu with delicious dishes, the best cocktails, good wines and tasty beers. Just sit back and relax at RUW. Restaurant RUW.


Black Label Hotel Valkenburg, design with character

An old brewery gets a new location: a design hotel, in the middle of a lively mix of facilities and nature. A hotel that compiles raw elements with fresh design. Extraordinary class, with a rough edge. Design, with character.

Imagine yourself in the opulence of nature, meeting luxury. Designed right next to the Geul. An environment that invites you to discover, explore; an adventure. You wind through the southern hilly countryside while cycling. A burgundian lunch, and then a stroll through the old city of Valkenburg. In the evening, a whiskey – neat – or a martini – on the rocks – at the bar of RUW.

To then wake up in an environment of raw design with a warm touch. A refreshing wellness shower, a cup of coffee – black – and a view of nature as far as you can see, start your day. Ready for a new adventure.

That is the description of an overnight stay in Black Label Hotel Valkenburg. Class, with a rough edge. Design, with character.


The general car park is located 450m from the hotel. 300 parking spaces are available on this site for a parking rate of €9 per day.


Fixed Gear Coffee

All cycling and coffee fans gather! Fixed Gear Coffee – at the foot of the Cauberg and on the outskirts of Valkenburg – serves you a really good cup of coffee after a hard ride and fills your water bottle for free.


AGR Xperience

The Amstel Gold Race Experience, has a new home in the Shimano Experience Center, located on Par’Course next to Black Label Hotel Valkenburg!


Shimano Experience Center

The Shimano Experience Center: born from our mission ‘Closer to Nature, Closer to People’. A beautiful and unique location where people and nature are central.


Essential Movements

From Wim Hof training, yoga classes, meditations, massages and mindfulness to coaching & training. Here you can find a relaxing, renewed, but certainly groundbreaking experience for your body and mind.

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